aGeINg Gin

A staple cask-aged (or oak-aged - potato, potatah) gin to stand price of place on every barman’s shelf, this bottling adds depth and intensity to the Negroni, the Martinez and other citrus-led cocktails. We’ve included an oak ageing stick, so you can play with how much oak influence your gin receives. You can remove the stick at any time, until you’ve found your perfect preference. We’re not joking and no, we can’t believe this exists either.

Our Perfect Serve
Fever Tree Serve

50ml aGeINg Gin paired with Fever-Tree Smoky Ginger Ale, garnished with a big twist of orange.

Double Dutch Serve
London Essence Serve



juniper, coriander, orange, cassia


That Boutique-y Gin Company


Fresh and crisp on the nose with scents of coriander, citrus fruits and juniper.


Fresh grass, lemon drop sweets lead with an underlying earthiness. There’s also a hint of peppery spice.


Herbaceous and leafy notes linger in the mouth with lavender too. Zesty, citrus flavours remain long after the last sip.