Bog Gin

The chaps over at the Kyrö Distillery Company have taken inspiration from their surrounding area to create Bog Gin, which features some botanicals that grow around the bogs of Isokyrö. This includes bog blueberry, lingonberry and reindeer lichen, as well as Finnish juniper. Of course, they could simply drive down to the bogs to pick these botanical, or perhaps walk if they were feeling particularly energetic, but the label of Bog Gin shows what all gin distillers dream of - a cross between a still and a digger! Scoop up the botanicals using those sizeable mechanical claws and toss the right into the still. Ideal.

Our Perfect Serve
Fever Tree Serve

50ml Bog Gin paired with Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic, garnished with mint & cracked black pepper.

Double Dutch Serve
London Essence Serve



bog blueberry, Juniper, Lingonberry, reindeer lichen


Kyrö Distillery Company


Powerful and engaging aromas of green, leafy herbs and meadow flowers, along with pine and a hint of honey.


A fantastic, full and silky texture – the gin really fills the mouth. Notes of juniper are combined with hints of sweet spice and menthol leafiness.


A dry, spicy citrus and lingering black pepper notes, followed by hints of after dinner mints.