Chocolate Cherry Gin

Chocolate is great. Cherries are great. Gin is great. You understand what we're getting at here, right? If not, allow us to spell it out. Chocolate Cherry Gin is a thing. A great thing. The end. Those clever folks over at McQueen Gin in Scotland certainly know how to make decadently delicious tipples - and clearly they're rather good at boats too, according to the label...

Our Perfect Serve
Fever Tree Serve

50ml Chocolate Cherry Gin paired with fever-tree Madagascan cola, garnished with Luxardo Maraschino cherries & flaked dark chocolate.

Double Dutch Serve
London Essence Serve



Cherry, cocoa, Juniper


Trossach's Distillery


Soft, dry cocoa with a peek of black cherry.


Dark chocolate sauce, before the arrival of chocolate-dipped black cherries, which add a lightly tart fruitiness.


Dry juniper, as well as an encore of chocolate - think of a chocolate sponge cake complete with chocolate curls.