About Three Piece, the mobile bartenders

The duo from Hertfordshire met in a bar at Leeds University where they instantly shared a love for all things cocktail. With Bachelor of Arts in design & marketing, they finished university to enter the world of work, but the office life was a bit on the sour-side. Therefore, they reunited (again, in a bar) to combine forces and create the best cocktail service possible. Their passions for high quality drinks & designing unique experiences come together to create packages that wow without fail.

Photo of Daniel Twine in waistcoat & bow tie

Daniel Twine

I live for bespoke design! Creating something unique, that fits the personality of every client, is the essence of creative freedom.

“If I could make a steak cocktail, I’d be a happy man”

Photo of Alexander Legret in waistcoat & bow tie

Alexander Legret

My favourite word is ombibulous, it means ‘one who enjoys drinks of all sorts.’ So if my creative juices aren’t flowing then the liquor is!

“I’m partial to a terrible old dad joke, sorry.”

Awards & accreditations

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