three Piece cocktail Packages


Our classic package uses well known spirits such as Smirnoff, Gordon's or Bacardi. The drinks are made using simple ingredients and garnishes to make classic cocktails such as a daiquiri, cosmopolitan, margarita, long island ice tea, whisky sours, pornstar martini, mojito, and bramble.


Our superior package uses premium spirits such as Ketel One, Hendricks or Havana Club. The drinks involve using more exotic ingredients with unique garnishes not commonly found in your local bar, upgrading the quality of your drinks and adding that personal touch.


Our deluxe package uses super premium spirits such as Belvedere, Monkey 47 or Ron Zacappa. The drinks involve using the best ingredients we can source with that extra bit of glam and showmanship to demonstrate world-class drinks.


Our themed packages use a combination of spirits and ingredients from the Classic and Superior packages, offering the perfect balance in flavour and quality. Every menu is uniquely created by Three Piece; so pick one you like or come up with a new one altogether.

Our featured packages are created in partnership with brands to give you a unique cocktail experience, using their perfect serves and some custom cocktails too. If there is a brand that you wish to have at your event then simply ask and we will contact the reps and do the rest.

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