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For all things gin, hire a bartender from Three Piece Bar to serve the full gin bar experience. With a wide range of established brands as well as undiscovered craft gins, the cocktail guys can teach you the history and serve you the perfect gin at home.

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Choose your selection of gins.

We have a selection of over 40 gins to choose from, so how do you decide? Give your guests an event to remember by offering a range of popular gin brands, from London Dry Gin and Old Tom Gin to infused and flavoured Gin. Our bartenders run through the history of the brand and the perfect way to drinks them so all you have to do is listen, learn and drink with us.

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Spirit mixer or Cocktails?

Tell them team how you would like your gin bar to work. We can serve a classic Gin and Tonic with the appropriate garnish (called the perfect serve), or a simple Gin cocktail from our classic package, or an advanced Gin cocktail from out superior package. If you simply can’t choose which one you want because you just love every gin, then we can make a bespoke menu for you too.

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Personal & professional service from the experts

We have been working professionally in bars for over 10 years so our knowledge of the drinks industry is vast. We are there to be your bartender, your server and your friend, so allow us to take responsibility for everything and bring you a great gin party! We do the hire and delivery of all necessary items including the bar hire, equipment, glassware varieties, stock & staff so you can relax and enjoy.

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Support local companies in Hertfordshire

Our focus is about making amazing drinks that you don’t expect, without compromise. This might mean our drinks take longer to make or we cost a touch more than the larger companies; but we only serve high quality products by using the best tools and ingredients. We are setting the bar higher in our local area and we serve products from the region and partner with nearby event companies too.

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Jenna Louise Nicholls


"I hired Alex and Dan for an event I put on earlier this month and they were absolutely superb. Fantastic knowledge and skills and everyone who tried their drinks all expressed how great they were. A perfect, personal touch to add to an event. I’d highly recommend!!"


Jenna Louise Nicholls


More about our gin bar experience

London has endless gin distilleries and bars specialising in the spirit, but what happens when you want a party at home? Three Piece Bar step in! Enquire today about a fantastic Gin Experience for your birthday, wedding,
barmitzvah or staff party. We have a variety of experiences starting with Perfect serve Gin & Tonics, moving on to classic or superior Gin Cocktail packages.

With all-inclusive packages available, Three Piece Bar organise every part of the gin bar experience for you and deliver it with style. Our team plan and prepare everything so when they arrive it is simply a matter of building the pop up cocktail bar and serving cocktails immediately. The drinks are always delivered by our professional cocktail bartenders who are fully trained mixologists, capable of educating and entertaining your guests from start to ‘ginish’.

You may be looking to serve gin for your reception drinks or would you like a full bar for the whole evening? Below is our menus with our pick of the best gin on offer at the moment, from craft gin to some classic mother’s ruin, to get you thinking (or dribbling).

Pre-paid packages are available in a variety of formats, as well as cash bar hire with Apple Pay, Android Pay, contactless & all major credit card payments accepted. Enquire today to find out more about what service will suit your party best.

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Gin Bar Menus

Choose from our variety of different Gin menus, from popular London Dry Gin to flavoured craft Gins. If there are any that you don't see, just ask and we will be happy to find a solution.

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We have collated the more popular questions about hiring our mobile bar services & what to expect from our professional mixologists.
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Mobile bar Payment solutions we offer

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Pre-Paid Bar

Take advantage of discounted prices and more luxurious cocktails with our pre-paid packages. Select your drinks in advance with confidence.

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cash & card Bar

Give your guests the freedom to purchase their own drinks with our cash and card bar option, and only a deposit required by you.

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Pre-Paid & Paid bar

Enjoy the flexibility of pre-paying for some drinks and then paying as you go with our cash and card bar option.

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