Pea Soup

A cocktail inspired by the lives of people during World War 1, served in a tin can. We used cold-pressed juice & London Dry Gin to create a healthy drink with a bold, green appearance.

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Juice Kale & cucumber using a cold press.

Mix 2 parts cucumber juice to 1 part kale juice.

  1. Add your Gin, Cucumber & Kale juice, Lemon Juice & Sugar Syrup into Boston glass.
  2. Shake hard with cubed ice.
  3. Dirty pour straight into the tin can vessel & cap with crushed ice.
  4. Garnish with big sprig of mint & a half slice of sugar snap pea.

50ml Fifty Pounds Gin
75ml Fresh Pressed Cucumber & Kale Juice
20ml Lemon juice
12.5ml Sugar syrup
Topped with Essence classic tonic
Mint, Sweet Sugar Snap Peas & Cracked Black Pepper