Pornstar Martini

The porn star martini is a sweet, passion fruit-flavoured cocktail made with vanilla vodka and topped with a passionfruit. It is traditionally accompanied by a chilled shot glass of prosecco, and has been designed to hit all the notes on the drinker's palette; sweet, sharp, sour, dry.


Cut half a passionfruit and rim edge with gold shimmer.

  1. Add all ingredients except the soda to a Boston glass & shake with ice.
  2. Fill glass with cubed ice & pour drink into glass.
  3. Garnish with a glitter half passionfruit.
  4. Served a shot of Prosecco on the side.
50ml Ciroc French Vanilla Vodka
75ml Orange Juice & Passionfruit Juice
25ml Funkin Mango purée
20ml Lime juice
12.5ml Passion fruit syrup
Shot Of Prosecco on the side
Gold Shimmer Half Passionfruit