Smoke on the water

With the popularity of South American spirits increasing, we have a cocktail that brings the best flavours for modern imbibing. The smoky mezcal engulfs the nose, whilst the tequila gives the drink a solid backbone. The lime complements and cuts through the summery flavour of watermelon, to give a well-rounded and contemporary cocktail.

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Crush the smoked salt into a fine powder using a muddler, or pestle and mortar if possible, then lay the salt out on a dish. Rim the outside of your martini with lime juice, making sure not to have juice inside the vessel. Dip into the salt. Tap to remove excess salt. Put aside.


Fill your cocktail shaker with all ingredients and shake for 10-15 seconds.

Fine strain into your martini glass.

35ml Bruxo X Mezcal
15ml Tapatio Blanco
20ml Lime Juice
20ml Bristol Watermelon Syrup
Risky Ingredients - Smoked Salt Rim