10 reasons why we love plastic straws

As we all know, plastic straws are disappearing rapidly from our bars! At Three Piece Bar we are gutted about this because we have so many reasons why we want them to stay in the hospitality world. I have explained more about our love affair with straws below...

1.     Customers get more drunk when using straws, obvs. Winner!

2.     As professional bartenders we use two straws in every drink we serve, especially mojitos. Standard stuff, eh.

3.     What's even better is when we use a straw to sip 2ml of a cocktail, just to taste. I mean, why would I use my bar spoon...

4.     It's also great when customers throw their straws on the floor because we really enjoy following them round with a dustpan & brush.

5.     We like to support people with drugs problems, by supplying them with the tools to get high. In our toilets. On a Tuesday evening.

6.     We celebrate with a shot of Patron XO (sucked down with a straw) every time a turtle dies from waste plastic in the sea.

7.     We have so much spare room on the bar top that we can afford to have caddies filled with straws, randomly distributed for the customers to spill.

8.     There's nothing better than cleaning a sink on a busy Friday night shift to find gunk-covered straws wedged down the pipes.

9.     We enjoy contributing to the world, making sure we hit that target of 12,000,000 tons of waste every year.

10.  Our customers appearance is everything. So it's imperative they look on point, no lippy on the glass, no sugar on the freshly whitened teeth. "I'm of for a fag, anyone joining me?"

So as you may have guessed, we actually hate plastic straws - they suck. We now implement a strawless service at all our events, with bio or paper straws as an option on request. Hopefully everyone will be using metal straws in the future to lessen the wastage even more, however I am still uncertain about pipe cleaners in the bartending arsenal.

Three Piece Presents - A Straw For Life!

A stylish, reusable, stainless steel straw to eliminate single-use plastic straws & raise awareness about our plastic problem. For every straw sold we will donate £1 to help protect & clean up our oceans.

We are Currently sold out - more coming it time for christmas

What do you think?

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