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5 Summer Cocktails to Surprise your Friends & Family

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With the summer season fast-approaching, the classic English stereotypes are out in full force. Lads having a kick about in the park with their tops off, ladies sunburnt in a wide variety of bikini patterns, kids running riot at local pubs and car parks overflowing, ice cream vans chiming along the streets playing 90s theme tunes and charging over £3 for a 99 Flake, and of course the good old fashioned BBQ with a pool & friends!

Now, if you’re planning on hosting a BBQ this summer then there is one way that Three Piece Bar can help you stand out from the rest without having to compromise your burgers for vegan alternatives and gluten free baps. Let’s make some cocktails to surprise your guests and keep spirits high! Check out some of these alternative cocktail ideas below, which use some spirits or ingredients you may have never before considered...

Bunker Bunker

What better way to enjoy the sunshine than with a proper tiki-style cocktail. Stomp your feet and shout out “Bunker Bunker! Hoo Ha! Bunker Bunker!” For this lovely, long drink you need rum, tropical juices & fruits; but most importantly you need Ting Caribbean soda. This drink is unrivalled in the soft drinks category and will transform anything you pair it with.

Jalisco Flower

Mexicans know how to party, so don’t disregard tequila before you’ve tried this one. Forget what you know about a tequila slammer, this drink is much more delicate and stylish as it is topped with Prosecco. Fancy! So dance the night away with this drink in hand, imagining you are celebrating on a Mexican beach with loved ones.

Highland Smash

Whisky, in the summer? Are you mad? This highball-style drink is the healthiest type of cocktail available, with simplicity at the core of its concept and low alcohol and sugar content too. Popularised in the east, the highball is the base for classics like mojitos, tom collins and gin & tonics. But instead of using Japanese whisky, this twist uses traditional Scottish ingredients.

Lesko Pisco

The national spirit of Peru, which is quickly becoming as trendy as a keep cup. Similar to tequila in some ways, but totally different in others. This drink takes inspiration from the Zombie Panda cocktail created in The Aviary, Chicago. It’s quick to make, only has four ingredients and is full of ice; the perfect alternative for a hot summer day. Oh, and it’s also bright pink!

Freya Spritz

A totally unique product distilled from the sap of the birch, harvested just once a year in early spring. Pure, wild and untamed. If you love your vodkas & gins then this drink is the one for you, as the white spirit share similar notes to the classics. So surprise your friends by giving them a new spritz that will make them feel like they’re dining at the Ritz.

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