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5 Tips on How to Use Your Metal Straw For Life

If you have a metal straw or are interested in buying one then you are probably wondering what everyone else thinks. Sure, the use of plastic bags has been reduced by 85% and most people have a keepcup somewhere, but how do you get in the habit of including a metal straw into your life as well?

One thing is for sure, it’s not easy. Simply being more aware of the situation and trying to be more sustainable in your daily life is a good starting point. The change is part of a process and will not happen overnight so don’t beat yourself up if you do forget to carry it on you at all times and resort to a paper straw or two.

Here are just a few ways that you can start to include your straw for life into your life, to decrease your carbon footprint and help the environment.

1. Don’t forget it.
If you’re the kind of person who has the car keys in the bowl near the front door, then that’s perfect! Leave the straw there with your keys and grab it every time you go out, you never know when you’ll want a drink on the go. But if you’re the forgetful type then maybe it’s better to have it in your handbag or work bag at all times. It doesn’t take up too much room at all!

Straw for life in hand

2. Keep it clean folks.
The better you treat your possessions, the longer they last. Our straws aren’t bulletproof but they are stainless steel and come in recycled felt cases which are ideal for keeping the straw protected when not in use. The pipe cleaner included will help you clean the inside in case any fruit bits get inside but if you happen to lose this then simply run some water through it and blow the excess liquid out.

women drinking with straw for life

3. Don’t sit on it.
Let’s be sensible and keep the straw out of our back pockets people. Sitting on it will be a sad moment, because they may be strong but they probably won’t survive the weight of a human bottom. However, if this terrible event does occur, recycle it! The entire product is recyclable.

Man drinking with straw for life

4. Be careful!
Be more conscious when you drink with metal straws as they are not as forgiving as plastic straws. As they are rock solid, they are much more likely to break a glass if you’re not careful; for example an Aperol Spritz in a wine glass which are much thinner than a highball glass. Also be aware of your beautiful face, because if you miss these straws they will poke you right in the schnozzer or even worse, crack ya toof!

Women drinking while looking in mirror

5. Keep a close eye on it.
What with these items being so bloody cool, it is highly possible that others may steal them from you. Keep an eye on those bartenders clearing away drinks! This ‘aint no pathetic plastic straw, it’s your #strawforlife, so keep hold of the glass and don’t just leave it floating around the bar. On the upside, this also means that there is less chance of your drink being spiked or lost when you are not paying attention. Clever you.

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