Bombay sapphire bramble gin and tonic

GIN LOVERS LISTEN UP! Bombay Saphire have launched Bombay Bramble flavoured gin!

Since gin has had a drastic serge of popularity in recent years, it comes as no surprise that brands have introduced an array of new flavours for us to try, and we love it! With a wide range of choice, it's hard to think what will come next?


Keeping up with the latest gin trends, Bombay Sapphire are next put their best foot forward in this competitive market, as they announce the release of their spring edition bottle in the form of Bombay Bramble! The rich red bottle consists of a blend of a blackberry and raspberry infusion and with 100% natural flavours and colours from freshly harvested fruits, where can you go wrong?


This delicious bottle will be available to buy in Sainsbury's and Tesco from today and will be rolled out to more supermarkets in spring. The bottle is currently retailing at £23 and we think it's worth your pennies! 

Will you be trying this new flavour or sticking to the original? Let us know what you think!